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Understanding Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards


Normally based on “marks” in academic subjects in Grades 10-12

  • Entrance Scholarships: Awarded by individual Universities and Colleges to students who apply for/accept admission to that specific institution.
  • Open Scholarships: Awarded by various organizations for use at the post- secondary institution of choice. Can be cash or tuition credit. Applications often require references and/or other written submissions from applicants.


Normally uses “financial need” as the primary criteria, which must be demonstrated as part of the application process. Can be cash or tuition credit.


Based on one or more criteria set by the awarding organization. The most common include ‘leadership’ and ‘school or community involvement’ but can also include marks and need. Some awards are restricted to applicants with specific ethnic or organizational affiliations or career aspirations; others may be based on the independent judgment of a panel or committee who determine the most worthy candidate. The terms ‘scholarship’ or ‘bursary’ are often in many titles, but these ‘Awards’ do not use academic marks or financial need as their primary criteria.


Any scholarship, bursary or award that is connected directly to the school, or is made at the discretion of officials of the school.


Any scholarship, bursary or award that is given by an individual or organization not directly connected to the school, and without input or direction from officials of the school.

Application Format

  • Paper: Students obtain, complete and submit a paper application form
  • Online: Students complete all requirements and submit application online
  • Dual/Optional: There is a choice of a paper or online application process

Application Process

  • Application Required: Students must obtain and/or complete an application document and submit by a specified date.
  • No Application Required: All students eligible will be considered; no application is required from students.

Application Deadline

  • The date by which fully completed applications must be “received” by designated recipient.
  • Late and/or incomplete applications are generally rejected.
Definitions of Categories

Open to All Applicants

Scholarships, bursaries and awards open to any student in Grade 12 to apply for.

Subject-Specific / Career-Specific

Scholarships, bursaries and awards whose criteria include a specific interest and/or intent to pursue post-secondary study in the identified subject or career field. Some may have very strict criteria while others may be very general; students should read the criteria carefully to determine if they are eligible for consideration.


Scholarships, bursaries and awards whose primary criterion is a direct affiliation with the awarding organization. These can be affiliations of the student or parents, and generally include some form of proof of the affiliation.


Scholarships, bursaries and awards whose primary criterion is a direct affiliation with, or involvement in a specific sports activity or organization. Students interested in participating in sports at a post-secondary institution should begin researching ‘athletic scholarships’ that may be available well before their Grade 12 year.

Student Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the student to research, choose, complete and submit any and all applications for scholarships, bursaries and awards. The ‘school’ and specifically the ‘Student Services’ office and officials are available to advise and assist students with information and direction on applications, but it is not their responsibility to ensure that students complete and submit applications of any kind.

The only exception is awards that require applications be submitted by the school.

Provincial Scholarships Program

The following website link connects you to the Provincial Scholarships Program Policy for Independent Schools.

The program’s purpose is to recognize student achievement and encourage students to pursue post-secondary education.

Winners must meet the basic eligibility requirements and the specific requirements for each scholarship.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Provincial Scholarships Program, you:

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (landed immigrant) at the time of registration in the school year for which the scholarship is awarded.
  • Must be a B.C. resident.
  • In the school year for which the scholarship is awarded, you must be or have been:
  • Enrolled in a British Columbia public school (including Distributed Learning schools), or
  • Enrolled in a Group 1, 2, or 4 British Columbia Independent School, or
  • Enrolled in a Continuing Education Centre, or
  • Registered with a public, independent, or distributed learning school in B.C. as a homeschooled child

In addition, recipients must meet the selection criteria for each scholarship. Detailed information on eligibility criteria and application process for each scholarship is in the Handbook of Procedures for the Graduation Program (Link).

Students may qualify for scholarships only for the school year in which they graduate.

Scholarships and Awards

BC Achievement Scholarships

BC Excellence Scholarships

District / Authority Scholarships

Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarships

Major Scholarship and Awards Databases Online

To research the wide range of scholarships, bursaries and awards available in BC and Canada, you can use the following online resources to do your research: – Search under ‘Resources’ tab for Scholarships & Awards – The Aboriginal Multi-Media Society has an extensive listing of scholarships for Aboriginal students. – The Federal government’s web-site designed to help students plan for post-secondary education. – Search: academic scholarships Canada

University Entrance Scholarships and Awards

Thompson Rivers University (March 1)

Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships are available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have not previously attended a college or university other than having completed up to 12 transferable university credits on a part-time basis.

Please NOTE the following:

  • Application Forms are available to print [pdf.] on the TRU Awards website.
  • Applications for the following Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships are made on the same general application form.
  • The application forms must be completed in ink and may only be used to apply for TRU Entrance Scholarships.

Tips to help you get a head start:

  • Review the application requirements. This will help you prepare your application and determine your eligibility.
  • Prepare your personal statement (only one is submitted for all awards for which you are applying).
  • Prepare a list of extra-curricular activities and community involvement:
  • Your letter and references must outline your leadership and service record, including areas such as student government, volunteering, community and religious organizations, sports and athletics, music and art, clubs, etc. Essentially any activity, which has developed your character, leadership abilities, goal orientation, and passion for learning, is relevant.

TRU is interested in the impact of your activities on people and communities, which may not necessarily correspond to the volume of activities. See the application form for full eligibility requirements for each award.

General Entrance Scholarships

Applicants must be enrolling in a TRU degree program or a TRU two-year diploma program. The minimum academic requirement is an 80% average in five Grade 11 academic subjects including Math and English.

The General Application Form covers the following scholarships. Applicants are automatically considered for the Lohn Foundation Bachelor of Arts Scholarship.

TRU Ambassador’s Entrance Scholarship [Minimum of six awards]

Awards of approximately $22,000 (full tuition and fees, renewable over four years)

The Ambassador’s Entrance Scholarship recognizes documented exemplary leadership and community service combined with solid academic performance based on secondary school averages in the core subjects. Students offered this scholarship may also accept the responsibility of student leadership activities during the academic year.

TRU Leadership Entrance Scholarship [Minimum of 10 awards]

Awards of $4,000 each

The Leadership Entrance Scholarship recognizes documented leadership and community service combined with solid academic performance based on secondary school averages in the core subjects.

TRU President’s Entrance Scholarship [Minimum of 20 awards]

Awards of $4,000 each

The TRU President’s Entrance Scholarship recognizes student academic excellence based on admission averages in the top five Grade 11 academic courses, including an academic English and Pre-calculus or Foundations Math.

TRU Community Service Entrance Scholarship [Minimum of 25 awards]

Awards of $1,000 each

The Community Service Entrance Scholarship recognizes documented community service combined with solid academic performance based on secondary school averages in the core subjects.

The Lohn Foundation Bachelor of Arts Entrance Scholarship [Two awards]

Awards of $5,000 each

These scholarships are provided to students entering any discipline of the Bachelor of Arts degree. The first award will recognize academic excellence and go to a student with the highest average using Entrance Scholarship criteria. The second award will recognize academic excellence and leadership, going to a student with an average of 85% or higher who has taken leadership roles in their high school and community, either through extracurricular activities, volunteerism or otherwise demonstrated commitment to the benefit of others.

University of British Columbia (December 1)

Major Entrance Scholarship: The Major Entrance Scholarship (MES) program offers the most prestigious awards available to entering students at UBC, including a one-time award of approximately $5,000 and renewable awards of up to $40,000 payable over four years.

These scholarships recognize students who excel across the board and who have demonstrated academic and leadership achievements in the arts, community, athletics, and school.

What is new about this award? Students are no longer nominated for the award. Students will be automatically considered for a Major Entrance Scholarship if they apply to UBC through the online application by December 1. This is the only way to apply for a Major Entrance Scholarship. The information that Canadian applicants submit in their Academic Profile and Personal Profile sections of the online application will be used for admissions and for consideration for the Major Entrance Scholarship.

Students wishing to be considered for a Major Entrance Scholarship must submit their online application by December 1. This includes paying the admission fee and completing all sections of your UBC online application. All high school applicants will be evaluated for the Major Entrance Scholarship based on their Academic Profile and Personal Profile sections of the online application.

When will students be notified? UBC will contact all applicants who are being considered for a Major Entrance Scholarship by the end of day April 28. Only applicants who are being considered for a Major Entrance Scholarship will be contacted.

UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Award

The UBC Centennial Scholars Entrance Award program assists students in transition from secondary school and other post-secondary institutions to UBC. The purpose of this program is to support academically qualified students who show an interest in joining the UBC community, but who would not otherwise be able to attend without significant financial assistance. This program offers entering students one-time and renewable awards of up to $40,000 payable over four years. There are opportunities for students studying on UBC’s Vancouver campus to receive full-ride awards, ranging in value up to the full cost of a student’s program and living expenses. The Centennial Scholars Entrance Award is separate from the Major Entrance Scholarships. Students are eligible to apply for both awards, provided they meet the criteria.

These awards are open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents entering UBC’s Vancouver or Okanagan campus directly from high school or transferring from another post-secondary institution to your first undergraduate degree (post-baccalaureate students are not eligible to apply). Students and their family must complete an application to demonstrate financial need. The application requires a reference letter from someone who is well acquainted with you and who can comment on your character, interest in UBC, and financial situation. This could include – but is not limited to – coaches, teachers, counsellors, principals, supervisors from work and volunteer positions, family doctors, and community or religious leaders.

How do I apply? You will be required to complete the following by the December 1 deadline:
-Apply to UBC
-Submit the Centennial Scholars Entrance Award application
-Have your parent/guardian submit Supporting Documentation
-Have your reference submit the Reference Form

When is the deadline? The deadline for completed 2017/18 applications to be received by UBC Enrolment Services is December 1, 2016. If you submitted an application for the 2017/18 academic year, UBC will notify you of a decision by the end of April.

Awards for Aboriginal Students

UBC has scholarships, bursaries and awards for Aboriginal students and students in Aboriginal-focused course work.

Major Entrance Scholarships – UBC has almost $100,000 in Major Entrance Scholarships for Aboriginal secondary school students, including two renewable scholarships valued at $20,000 each, seven one-time awards valued at $5,000 each, and two renewable entrance scholarships for Bachelor of Arts students valued at $6,000 each. For more information on how to apply, please visit the Major Entrance Scholarships page. Aboriginal students who apply before the deadline will be considered for both general Major Entrance Scholarships and the Aboriginal-specific scholarships.

Aboriginal Awards – UBC also has an Aboriginal Awards program. There are twenty-five awards totalling approximately $35,000 in bursaries, scholarships, and awards for Canadian Aboriginal students. Several of these awards are available to students in Aboriginal-focused course work. Students can apply for Aboriginal scholarships and bursaries by submitting the Aboriginal Awards application form. The 2016 application will open on June 1, 2016.

University of Victoria (February 1 - March 31)

Entrance Scholarships

UVic offers a number of entrance scholarships each year, including non-renewable scholarships ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 and renewable scholarships of up to $26,000 payable over four years, to academically outstanding new students who have applied for admission.

All UVic entrance scholarships require a minimum 85% (secondary school) or a 7.5/9.0 (transfer UVic scale) admission average, unless otherwise specified in the terms of reference of the scholarship.

How to apply for an entrance scholarship

UVic offers two main types of centrally administered entrance scholarships for students entering a full-time undergraduate degree program:

  1. Entrance scholarships based on admission average
  2. Entrance scholarships based on admission average and other criteria (application required).

Entrance scholarships based on admission average

Self-reporting marks for students entering from a Canadian high school: Current Grade 12 students entering from a Canadian high school MUST self-report their grade 12 marks; this includes students who are an accelerated entry. Students completing an International Baccalaureate Diploma can self-report their IB marks. Students must have either an 85% admission average or a minimum of 32 IB points.

While no application is required to be considered for this type of entrance scholarship, please keep the following in mind:

  • All self-reported grades will be verified against official grades from your school.
  • If a student does not self-report their grade 12 marks, they will not be considered for an entrance scholarship based on admission at a later date.
  • Please do not enter 100% as a self-reported mark, unless it can be verified by a teacher, counsellor, or principal.
  • UVic does not round up percentages. Actual marks will be used in assessment.

Note: As early scholarship offers are based on self-reported marks, we will be reviewing final marks in August before finalizing the scholarship.

To be considered for an entrance scholarship based on admission average and other criteria students must complete the online scholarship application between February 15 – May 1.

Simon Fraser University (January 31 and February 28)

SFU offers Entrance Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries to outstanding applicants for undergraduate programs. These are granted based on varying criteria such as exceptional academic, community, artistic, and athletic achievements, or financial need.

Major Entrance Scholarships

SFU’s Major Entrance Scholarship (MES) Competition recognizes outstanding Canadian and international students entering university from secondary school.

Decisions are based on a combination of a student’s exceptional academic performance as well as their commitment to school and community service, leadership, volunteer activity, the arts, or athletics. See the website for description of the various scholarships that are offered.

To be eligible, applicants must have a minimum admissions average of 90% for the Faculty they have applied to (not rounded up) and IB diploma applicants must have a minimum of 31 IB points.

Beedie School of Business Applicants: Your complete and eligible MES application can be used in lieu of the Supplemental broad based application for admission to the Beedie School of Business. Complete and eligible MES applications will be forwarded to the Beedie School of Business.

Application is required [See Website] and the deadline to apply is January 31st.

Automatic Entrance Scholarships

Your consideration for these Entrance Scholarships is automatic when you apply for admission to SFU (an application is not required). Please note that averages are not rounded up. See the website for description and eligibility requirements of the various scholarships that are offered.

Entrance Awards and Bursaries

Entrance Awards and Bursaries are available to new students and require an application. To be eligible, regular high school applicants must have a minimum admissions average of 80% for the Faculty they have applied to (not rounded up) and IB diploma applicants must have the minimum IB diploma score required for admission.

Other eligibility requirements and deadlines vary. See the website for description and eligibility requirements of the various scholarships that are offered, and click on the Entrance Award or Bursary for more information and application. The deadline to apply for these awards is February 28th .

BC Institute of Technolgy (August 5 and January 6)

The following Entrance Awards are available to students planning to attend BCIT:

Up to 25 BCIT President’s Entrance Awards, available only to current High School students.
VALUE: Up to $4,000 each.
DEADLINE: August 5, 2017

Over 90 BCIT Entrance Awards
VALUE: Up to $5,000 each.
DEADLINES: August 5, 2017 and January 6, 2018

Copies of the Entrance Awards Booklet and the application forms can also be downloaded directly from their web site. For more information, contact BCIT Student Financial Aid & Awards at 1-604-432–8555 or

University of Northern BC

Go to the UNBC website to get complete details on Early Entrance Awards, Entrance Awards and UNBC Scholars Awards. This information is provided in an online database of all UNBC awards.

Other Universities and Colleges

For information about entrance scholarships for other universities and colleges, please go to the institution’s webpage.

List of Awards Available to St. Ann’s Applicants

Open to All Applicants
BC Hydro Scholarships and AwardsVariousVarious
Horatio Alger Jim Pattison BC Scholarship$5,000.00Unknown
Maple Leaf Youth Awards$1,500.00Unknown
RBC Royal Bank ScholarshipsVariousUnknown
Credit Union Foundation of BC Bursary$1,000.00October 15th, January 15th, June 15th
LORAN Scholars Foundation Awards$100,000October 19th or October 26th
TD Scholarships for Community Leadership$17,500.00November 18th
Odenza Marketing Group Volunteer Award$500.00December 30th
Kinsmen and Kinettes – Hal Rogers Endowment Fund Award$1,000.00February 1st
Catholic Health Association of BC Award$250.00February 28th
Stacey Levitt Memorial Award$2,500.00March 1st
Re/Max Quest for Excellence Bursary Awards$1,000.00March 13th
The Leonard Foundation Bursary$1,000.00March 14th
Trevor Linden Community Scholarship$2,500.00March 15th
BC Hydro Pioneers Award$1,00.00March 31st
Council of Forest Industries Scholarship$1,000.00March 31st
Union of National Employees BC/YK High School Bursary$1,000.00March 31st
Colonel Douglas H. Gunter History Award$1,000.00April 8th
Kamloops Honda Bursary$500.00April 10th
Little Flower Society Bursary$500.00April 15th
Overwaitea Food Group/UFCW Joint Diversity Scholarship$1,000.00May 1st
SAPA – Robin and Norah Cooper Service Scholarship$1000.00April 15th
SAPA – Rob Petersen Memorial Perseverance Scholarship$1000.00April 15th
The Rotary Club of Kamloops Bursary$500.00May 1st
Walmart Community Scholarship Program$4,000.00May 31st
Leavitt Scholarship$500.00May 31st
Kamloops Kappa Sigma Alumni Scholarship$500.00June 15th
Kamloops Pro-Life Society$1000.00April 1st
The Sangha Family Scholarship$500.00April 15th
Subject and Career Specific
BC Association of Health-Care Auxiliaries Scholarship/Bursary$1,000.00Unknown
Canadian Hospitality Foundation Award$1,000.00Unknown
Canadian National (CN) Scholarships for Women$500.00Unknown
Dogwood District Authority Awards$1,00.00March 31st
  • Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Physical Activity
  • Second Language, Community Services, Trades
Pathways to Teacher Education Scholarships$5,000.00March 31st
Retail Council of Canada – Retail as a Career Award$1,000.00March 31st
Brian Hill Memorial 4-H Scholarship$500.00April 30th
BC Arts Council Scholarship Awards$4,000.00April 30th
SAPA – Trades and Technology Scholarship$1000.00April 15th
SAPA – Fine Arts Scholarship$1000.00April 15th
SICA Howard Strong Scholarship Program$500.00May 30th
Kamloops Arts Council – Julia Appley-Mitra Youth Scholarship$500.00May 31st
Sports Related
BC Catholic Basketball Championships Scholarship$500.00Unknown
Kamloops Minor Hockey Association Scholarships$500.00Unknown
BC Soccer Referees Association Scholarship$500.00March 31st
BC Youth Soccer Association Scholarship$500.00March 31st
Kamloops Blazers Hockey Club Scholarship$1,000.00April 15th
BC Hockey Association Scholarships$500.00April 30th
Kamloops Curling Club Scholarship$500.00May 1st
Kamloops World Curling Society Scholarship$500.00May 1st
SAPA – St. Ann’s Academy Athletics Scholarship$1000.00April 15th
Kamloops Youth Soccer Association Scholarship$500.00May 31st
Jack Farley Youth Sports Achievement Award$2,000.00June 30th
Affiliations and Memberships
BC Foster Parents Association Awards
(Children presently or formerly under the care of the Ministry of Children
and Family Development in BC)
BC Moose Association Scholarship
(Son or daughter of a Moose Lodge member)
Canada Post Corporation Scholarship
(Children of full or part time employees of Canada post)
Kamloops and District 4-H Alumni Bursary
(Active 4-H Members)
Kamloops and District 4-H Light Horse Club Scholarship
(Active 4-H Members)
Kamloops 4-H – Willie Sedgewick Memorial Scholarship
(Active 4-H Members)
Scouts Canada Awards
(Souts Canada Member)
Tech Highland Valley Copper Scholarship Program
(Sons or daughters of Highland Valley Copper employees)
Aboriginal Awards – UBC Vancouver
(Aboriginal heritage)
Amount variesAugust 1st
All Nations Trust Endowment Fund Award
(Aboriginal ancestry)
$500September 29th
CWL – National Bursary
(CWL member in her 3rd consecutive year of membership)
VariesNovember 30th and March 31st
Aboriginal Entrance Scholarships – UBC
(Aboriginal heritage)
Amount variesDecember 1st
CWL – BC & Yukon Council Life Member’s Art & Culture Award
(CWL Relation)
$500.00March 31st
CWL – BC & Yukon Molly Boucher Bursary
(CWL Member for past 2 years)
$500.00March 31st
CWL – Kamloops CWL Diocesan Bursary
(CWL Member for past 2 years)
$500.00March 31st
Valley First Credit Union ‘Feed the Valley’ Award
(Food Bank Volunteer)
$2,500.00March 31st
Valley First School & Community Involvement Award
(VFCU Membership)
$2,000.00March 31st
Girl Guides of Canada Scholarship and Bursary Awards
(Girl Guides of Canada Member)
VariousApril 1st
Interior Savings Credit Union High School Bursary
(ISCU Member)
$1,000.00April 1st
Knights of Columbus Council 1614 Scholarship/Bursary
(Priority SH Parish)
$500.00April 15th
Provincial 4-H Scholarship
(Active 4-H member)
$300.00-$10,000.00April 15th
CWL – Sacred Heart Cathedral Scholarship
(Priority SH parish member)
$500.00April 15th
BC Cattlemen’s Association Awards
(Some awards are limited to students of ranching families, those from rural areas, or those interested in a career in agriculture)
$1,000.00-$2,000.00April 15th and April 30th
Pacific Leaders – Public Servants’ Children Scholarship
(Child of a regular employee of the B.C. Public Service)
$2,500.00April 30th
Societa Christoforo Colombo Lodge Scholarship
(Italian descent)
$1,000.00April 30th
CWL – St. John Vianney Parish Bursary
(SJV Parish member)
$200.00April 30th
All Nations Trust / Development Corporation Bursary
(Aboriginal ancestry)
$500.00May 1st
CAN-ITAL Ladies Scholarship
(Italian descent)
$500.00May 1st
Gabriel Palmer (Ignace) Memorial Award
(Aboriginal Ancestry)
$500.00May 1st
Interior Savings Credit Union ‘Million Dollar’ Bursary
(ISCU Member)
$1,000.00May 1st
OLPH Scholarship of Sisters of St. Martha
(OLPH Grad)
UnknownMay 1st
Pritchard Ladies Group Society Bursary
(Pritchard resident)
$500.00May 1st
Shuswap Training & Employment Program Bursary
(Aboriginal ancestry)
$500.00May 1st
United Croats of Canada Scholarships and Bursaries
(Croatian descent)
$1,000.00May 1st
Yellowhead Mining Aboriginal Trades of Professional Program Scholarship
(Aboriginal student in trades and professional programs)
$1,000.00May 1st
CWL – Holy Family Parish Award
(HF Parish family)
$200.00May 12th
MADD Canada Bursary
(Students who have had an immediate family member killed in an impaired-driving related crash)
$4,000.00-$8,000.00May 31st
Big Brothers Big Sisters Kamloops Award
(Involvement in Big Brothers Big Sisters – bigs and littles)
$500.00June 1st
Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 52 Bursary
(Military relation)
UnknownJune 15th
CUPE Local 900 Scholarship
(Dependents of CUPE Local 900 members)
$1,000.00June 30th
National Union Scholarship
(Children of a NUPGE member)
(4 awards)
June 30th

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