Families of St. Ann’s Academy are asked to complete 20 volunteer hours at the school during each school year. This is an excellent opportunity to become involved in your children’s education, in addition to providing a strong base for community building at St. Ann’s Academy.  If you have children at both SAA and OLPH, we ask that you complete 10 volunteer hours at each school.

A deposit of $300 is held on file and returned to families upon the completion of all 20 hours.  Please note that there will be no refund processed for partial completion of the assigned 20 hours.  For current opportunities, please read the newsletter which gets emailed to families bi-monthly.

In order to volunteer, the parent, grandparent, sibling (19 or older) will require a criminal check.  Please note that a criminal record check is valid for 5 five years.  Check with the school office if you have any questions or require the link to update yours.  Volunteer drivers must provide the school office with a copy of their current vehicle insurance with proof of $2 million liability insurance along with a copy of a valid driver’s license.