CANTEEN MANAGER:  Ms. Maria Lorraine

Canteen Menu: November

Canteen Menu: December

Elementary Canteen Order Form

Parent help is always welcome and needed at the canteen.  If you have a morning available to assist with lunch preparation, please contact Mrs. Skiba directly at 250-372-5452 ext 319 to schedule a time to help out and earn parent participation hours.

Every day the canteen offers choices of cheese buns, pizza buns (on whole wheat buns), tossed salads, veggies and dip, bagels and cream cheese.  In additional to these items, the daily specials may include baked potato, perogies, chili, pizza, burritos, hamburgers, tacos, chicken caesar wraps, greek salad, spicy chicken burger, german potato soup, chicken chow mein, caesar salad, mushroom melt, soup and bun.

Elementary Students:  To expedite service during the elementary lunch break, elementary students are not allowed to use cash to purchase items from the canteen.  A canteen punch card (10 meals) for $30.00 can be purchased at the school office.  Elementary students are only allowed to purchase the meal of the day ($3.00 per meal).  There will always be two meal of the day options.  Canteen punch cards are stored by the student’s teacher in the classroom, or the parent may take the canteen punch card home.

High School Students:  May pay with cash at the canteen or purchase a page of 10 tickets for $30.00 from the school office. Daily meal selections are $3.00 each.


The Elementary Milk Program will be offered for the 2017/18 school year. Monthly order forms will be posted on the website on Sept. 15.