Capacity:  525 people per Fire Code Regulations.  There is no air conditioning in the gymnasium.

Smaller Event Rental Fees
Not Requiring Kitchen Use:  $50.00 per hour
Open/Close and Cleanup (this is a requirement):  $80.00
Set Up and Removal of Chairs:  $200.00
Classroom Rental:  $25.00 per hour

Larger Event Rental Fees
Gym Rental:  $400.00
Set Up and Dismantling of Table & Chairs:  $200.00
Custodian Service Per Hour:  $20.00

Kitchenware User Fees
Groups of 1 – 49:  $50.00
Groups of 50 – 99:  $100.00
Groups of 100 -199:  $150.00
Groups of 200 or more:  $200.00
Dishwashing Service (per person):  $1.00

No Charge for Groups of St. Ann’s Academy or Sacred Heart Cathedral

If you are interested in renting the gym, please contact Mr. James Jackson at 250-372-5452 (ext 112) or email