A Message from Bishop David Monroe

When St. John Vianney, the Curé of Ars [France], was finding his way to his first assignment as a parish priest in Ars [France] he met a young boy to whom he said, “You show me the way to Ars [France] and I will show you the way to heaven.” One of the first things he did was to visit the families of the parish and then he established a school. He recognized that the family has the first responsibility for the development of the child, but also saw that the Church is to assist the parents in providing education with a Christian atmosphere.

When the school begins to exercise its role and influence in the child’s education it is to complement the family’s educational effort, not to replace it. Nor can the family abandon its prime responsibility. Rather the family and the parish school are partners engaged in a common project – to prepare the child to be a good citizen in this world and to mature in the new life as a child of God.

“In the age of technology (we) stand most in need of an education based on absolute truth and on God as the center of the universe; an education which only Christian faith and the Church can provide.”

– Pope Pius XII (1957)