We have implemented an innovative cleaning program to improve our indoor environmental quality. While we can’t make it perfect, we can make it better. This model program utilizes cleaning procedures that reduce emissions, products that are less hazardous, and the installation of equipment to provide engineering controls for consistent quality.

We encourage the community to consider the needs of the school by offering items you no longer have a need for. Most all items will be accepted and we will pick up large items; new items donated may qualify for a tax receipt.

Please contact Mr. James Jackson, Operations Manager of Buildings, Grounds, Housekeeping and Safety Services at 250-372-5452 (ext 112) or email


We invite parents, students, grandparents, and community members with a landscaping background or a keen interest in yard work to help maintain our school grounds. We have many flower beds and garden areas that would benefit from your skills. All hours volunteered may be applied to the Parent Participation Program. If you or your family members would like to also “adopt a bed”, please contact Mr. James Jackson for further information.


HEALTH AND SAFETY Committee Members
Mr. Brent Arsenault, Mrs. Val Bradbury, Mr. James Jackson, Mrs. Harmony Nadeau, Mr. Patrick Niwa


To help reduce workplace accidents, injuries, and diseases in the school, to promote health and safety, to apply the process of safety inspection and accident/incident investigations, and to conduct and participate in constructive committee meetings working together to address workplace health and safety issues.